Stock Performance And CEO Pay Are…



Generally speaking, if CEO pay was related to stock performance you would expect to see a cloud of data points moving up to the right. Instead, we’re left with a jumble of points that suggest no relationship.

Kudos to Eric Chemi and Ariana Giorgi at Bloomberg Businessweek for the interesting insight. You can see the whole interactive (mousing over will give you details and the company and CEO) on their site. 

(via newsandtrade)


Gun Control is Emotional Not Rational

Each human on earth holds the power of life and death. We all have the ability to kill. A flick of the steering wheel can crush a dozen people. Food can be poisoned in the store. A random stranger can slip a knife between your ribs. Any of us could be killed and no one could stop it.

It should come as no surprise that a few people will exercise this power and that’s a scary thought. Will we be the next target? What about our kids? All we hold dear is at the mercy of others.

This fear drives the gun control crowd. They aren’t worried about government tyranny, a police state, loss of liberty, or even being victimized by criminals. They worry about the stranger next door. The man who might crawl out of his basement with a gun. Although criminals and maniacs will always be armed, the gun control person doesn’t care. Simply disarming your neighbors will make the world safe.

This isn’t a rational idea nor is it supported by any evidence. It is purely driven by fear. Forget all the FBI crime statistics. One look at Mexico will prove disarming the population does not solve anything. It is one of the most violent places on earth despite strict gun control. Does this shift the attitudes of gun control proponents? No, it does not. They run on emotion and fear.

We are all afraid. We fear for ourselves and for the future. That is the nature of the human imagination. It is our responsibility as reasoning creatures to insure our fears are grounded in reality. Gun control is nothing but a sea of emotion without passing this test. 

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