They are lying to us about Ebola

A US health care worker just contracted Ebola although he wore complete protective gear. You can read about it here. There have been over 80 doctors and nurses who recently died treating Ebola victims. They too wore protective clothing. We are being told the disease can only be spread through direct contact with bodily fluids. We are told it cannot be spread through the air like colds and flu. This is a lie. 

Read this abstract from a research paper written in 1995. It documents the transmission of Ebola through the air between isolated monkey test subjects who only shared a common air duct. The uninfected monkeys caught Ebola simply by breathing air from contaminated victims. The distance was many feet. This means you could easily get Ebola by simply standing next to someone infected at Walmart. Your children can get Ebola playing with another infected child at school.

Read the research paper here. It is something everyone should read.

Our government is trying to minimize the panic around Ebola but the lies only make things worse. Ebola has the potential to become a very bad pandemic.



Stock Performance And CEO Pay Are…



Generally speaking, if CEO pay was related to stock performance you would expect to see a cloud of data points moving up to the right. Instead, we’re left with a jumble of points that suggest no relationship.

Kudos to Eric Chemi and Ariana Giorgi at Bloomberg Businessweek for the interesting insight. You can see the whole interactive (mousing over will give you details and the company and CEO) on their site. 

(via newsandtrade)

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